Communicate Shipping Delays Due To COVID-19

How can you help your customers know what to expect?

Here are a few simple steps to help. 

Set The Expectation

Shipping carriers have lists of zones or countries that WILL have delays. A lot of online sellers are taking advantage of these lists to set the expectation with their customers. This tremendously cuts down on customer service time as well. Many use the announcement bars or pop ups on their websites to warn their customer of shipping delays due to covid-19.

Put the delayed notice where customer are looking.

A great place to let your customers know of shipping delays are on automated emails for order confirmation, tracking, and any post purchase automated emails.

The key is speed.

Be prepared to answer quickly about shipping delays due to Covid-19. The faster you can let a wondering customer know why their order is late, tracking has not updated, or anything of the like - the better their experience with your brand will be. Have a nice explanation written out ready to go. Teach your customer service staff that for the time being, this is the message you send them for any tracking related questions.

Communicate Shipping Delays Due To COVID-19

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