Efficiency tools for third-party logistics.

Software that solves problems that 3PL’s have with postage shopping, billing, tracking, analytics, international shipping, and integrations. Get your ship together!


maximize profits from accurate data you need to make decisions


direct connections to tracking sources for 200+ countries

one click billing

enjoy fast and easy billing for all your shipments and clients

Label printing

rate shop all major carriers and save 5-50% on rates

Advanced Rate Shop

optimize speed and price for all your shipments

Dedicated support

we provide full time customer support for free

Every decision.
One platform.

The ship tech gateway where you can find all the solutions you need for your current workflow.

Why Choose Us

The numbers don’t lie.

Available Countries

tracked door to door

There are now over

1 Billion

packages a day being shipped around the world. Ship yours with Buku Ship and get:

Service For All

different shipping types

Meet Our Team

Founded in 2019, Buku Ship’s HQ is located in the heart of Silicon Slopes. We serve clients all over the country that ship to 234 different countries and territories.


Ted Clark


Adam Mitchell


Kenny Fung


Gavin Clark


Shane Andrew

Director of Business Development

Brittany Evans

Senior Account Executive

Eric Bohne

Director of Client Services

Hayden Mitchell

Director of Operations

Kaimana Clark

Integrations Specialist

Yoonji Lee

Finance Manager

Christopher Chun

Software Engineer

Nathan Fung

Software Engineer

Bennett Busath

Director of Accounting

Have Any Questions?

Please email us at support@bukuship.com

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