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Unlock 'Global Routes. Local Rates.' with our seamless shipping solutions.

Embark on a seamless shipping journey with Buku Ship and Intellirate. Our comprehensive suite of services is meticulously designed to streamline your shipping processes, ensuring you enjoy the benefits of global reach with the convenience of local rates. Dive into a world where efficiency and cost-effectiveness are the cornerstones of your shipping strategy.

Domestic Shipping Redefined

Buku Ship offers unbeatable domestic rates through our esteemed carrier network, including USPS, with a lowest rate guarantee that empowers merchants, 3PLs, and fulfillment providers to save significantly on every shipment.
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Your E-Commerce Shipping Powerhouse

Intellirate revolutionizes your Shopify experience, offering a suite of tools that allow for real-time tax and duty calculations, ‘Good, Better, Best’ shipping options, and the ability to turn shipping into a profit center with customized rate cards.

Global Shipping, Localized Solutions

With Buku Ship, international shipping is a breeze. Our expertise in customs compliance, IOSS registration, and DDP handling ensures your shipments navigate global complexities with ease, providing a seamless experience from door to door.

Mastering HS Codes for International Success

HS codes are the backbone of international trade. Buku Ship’s expertise ensures your products are classified accurately, facilitating smooth customs clearance and compliance with global standards.

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What Do Our Happy Clients Say?

Hear from the multitude of businesses that have transformed their shipping operations with Buku Ship and Intellirate. Their success is not just our testimony—it’s our promise to you.

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"Our partnership with Buku Ship and Intellirate has strategically benefited our logistics business. Their competitive rates, both domestically and internationally, allowed us to offer cost-effective solutions to our clients, strengthening our client relationships. Intellirate's data-driven insights have empowered us to optimize our operations, and Buku Ship's expertise in customs compliance and DDP handling has ensured efficient customs clearance for our clients. We're extremely satisfied with the results." -Chris. CEO
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BUKU has been incredibly helpful for us in our efforts to give freedom to our customers and enable them to choose the shipping experience of their preference at checkout. IntelliRate has also been really valuable for our international customers to avoid surprises and requires less support from our CX team when it comes to taxes and duties. Lastly, I truly cannot say enough about the support that the IntelliRate team has provided to us as we've started using their platform and customized it to meet our internal needs and goals!! Three cheers for IntelliRate!
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“We love that BUKU is a single phone call away to discuss everything shipping.” - Lisa, Five COO
Box It 3PL
Box It 3PL
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"Partnering with BUKU has revolutionized the way we approach logistics at Box It 3PL. Thanks to BUKU, we've seen substantial cost savings in our carrier expenses, allowing us to offer more competitive rates to our clients. Their expertise in navigating international customs and shipping intricacies has not only simplified our processes but also opened doors to global markets we couldn't reach before. BUKU's solutions are integral to our expanded ability to serve customers worldwide efficiently and cost-effectively." - Box It 3PL

International Shipping
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International Shipping with BUKU: Your Gateway to Global Markets

Collaborative Excellence in Shipping

Buku Ship’s partner ecosystem is a testament to our commitment to providing comprehensive shipping solutions. Our seamless integrations with carriers like DHL, FedEx, USPS, UPS, and a myriad of e-commerce platforms and applications, including Shopify and ShipStation, empower you to navigate shipping with unparalleled ease.

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Are You Ready to Transform Your Shipping Experience?

Join the revolution. Embrace the Buku Ship and Intellirate advantage to unlock new possibilities for your business. Let’s set sail on this voyage to success together.